A Registered Branded Product

A Registered Branded Product Of 

Koinonia Juice Plant & Koinonia Water Plant

About Us

Koinonia Juice Plant

Well established business firm in the name of Koinonia Juice Plant. Established since 2011. 

From farm to the taste of a tongue business. A lemon juice with 30% content on the product, that no other RTD product couldn't be found on how much the main raw material the product had content. An organic added lemon juice from an organic farm and as well from an Organic State i.e. Mizoram.

Koinonia Water Plant

Established since 2014, a Koinonia Water Plant, set up it manufacture unit at Lengte, Mizoram, India. The same as Koinonia Juice Plant, just a difference in the trade name.

From the stream sources of Mizoram, a product developed into a treated class of product. The water before further process is a drinkable water from it source as per an analytic reports. The water that has been process and monitor into the standard and quality of it kind.

The Products


Koinonia Lemon Drink/Juice

Koinonia Lemon Drink/Juice, an RTD (Ready-To-Drink) beverages. 

Drink without no hazardous feeling. A product of Koinonia Juice Plant, manufacture at Lengte, Mizoram, India.

Two flavour, "Salted" & "Sweet".

Four type of contents, 150 ML, 250 ML, 500 ML & 750 ML. 


Koinonia Tui

Koinonia Tui, a Packaged Drink Water.

Cleared all obstacles content through it process of treatment. A well treated beverage. Manufacture at Lengte, Mizoram, India. 

A product of Koinonia Water Plant.

Two contents in size, 500 ML & 1000 ML.

THE Team

Dr. Vanlalchhanhima Ralte



Mrs. Ngurmawii Sailo



Edentharmawia Ralte



Joseph Vanlalchhuanawma


Marketing - Sales & Accounting


Process Flow Diagram of Koinonia Jucie Plant


Land & Building: An area of 3.8 Hectare, full of lemon trees. With a well constructed processing building within the land, a good electric power connectivity and a road connectivity. A well established building covered with pesticide control for food processing.

Machineries: With a well systematic implementation of machineries under a small scale unit base juice processing plant, Koinonia Juice Plant has make it process in a systematic management procedure in day to day life.

Manpower: A plant to work with a machineries, the more automatic the machineries are, the less labor in numbers. A plant setup with a working capacity of less labor, both skilled and unskilled.     




Land & Building: A well constructed processing building for processing a Packaged Drink Water situated next to the processing building of Koinonia Juice Plant. Having an equipped with a laboratories house. Having a good water supply connectivity from an outsource. A well organised equipped building that control all particles or dusts that could have contaminated the products.

Machineries: An automatic system of an implementation of machineries under a small scale unit base processing plant, Koinonia Water Plant has make it process in a systematic management procedure in day to day life.

Manpower: A good place to work within a clean environment. With a standard procedure of protecting anything that could contaminated the processing from a human being. Both skilled and unskilled labor tasks with a few numbers of manpower organised.

The Award

Young Business Leader of the Year Award


Dr. Vanlalchhanhima Ralte (Koinonia Juice Plant) received 

Young Business Leader of the Year Award

Quality Crown Award


Koinonia Water Plant (Dr. Vanlalchhanhima Ralte) received 

Quality Crown Award

Horticulture Entrepreneur Award


Koinonia Juice Plant (Dr. Vanlalchhanhima Ralte) received 

Horticulture Entrepreneur Award

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